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    Stephen Esch

Hi, welcome to my blog - Good Vibrations! My name is Stephen and I'm a musicophile. Throughout the years I have been blitzing through thousands of records, greatest hits, singles - you name it! When I first started, my music selection would take advice from popular music publications and critics, but I quickly realised that my taste did not conform to either the critics or the masses. To that end, I've been trying to broaden out and keep an open mind. I also take recommendations!

I created this blog as a place to document the vast amount of records I've listened, rated and reviewed. Be warned, I am stubbornly independently minded and can usually form an opinion on most things immediately. Some of my top picks might surprise you!

I find music to be a great way to disconnect from the stresses of everyday life. It has an uncanny ability to bring people together, whatever culture or differences. So whoever you are and wherever you are in the world - thank you for taking the time to visit and explore this journey with me.